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- F. Scott Fitzgerald"

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Yoga Challenge!

So this year, as a resolution, I decided I was really going to dedicate some major time into yoga…. I’ve dabbled in practicing before, but with the onset of medical problems and preparing for college I’ve not been able to find time for it. For me yoga is MUCH more than just a physical exercise. It’s that nice deep stretch after a shitty day. It’s a way to calm down my anxiety (I’m an extreme OCD). It’s also a way that I can challenge myself, and push myself to being a healthier, happier person. I’ve decided that every day I’m going to dedicate a minimum of half an hour a day to practicing different paces and types of yoga, and attending a proper class one day out of the week. I’m going to use tumblr as my ‘Yoga Diary’ and talk about the yoga that I’ve practiced. As my strength, flexibility and endurance increases, I’m going to try and dedicate more time to it. So let’s see how this goes!

Tonight I’m starting off with Sun Salutations II, then an Intermediate balance routine called 'Poise In Action’, followed by a few basic leg and back stretches (nose-to-knee stretches, cat/cow, pigeon pose ect). For a total of about 45- 60 minutes. 

Nameste! (: